Saturday, May 23, 2015

Staying Busy Having Fun

I haven't updated everyone on what we have been up to for a while so here is a really long picture post of things we've been doing and have done for the past year or so! Hope you Enjoy!

I drew these and made coasters for my coffee table to go with our living room theme.
I am still working on two more to finish the set.

 I've been enjoying cooking and experimenting and trying new recipes! This one above is vegetarian "meatballs."  Made with oatmeal, eggs, cheese, and spices.  They are so tasty.

These cookies were an experiment with something I've wanted to try.  I replaced the butter with beans.  So I used one can of white beans instead of one cup of butter.  They came out super soft, fluffy and yummy!

I found a great honey whole wheat bread recipe that we have been loving!  

Bike display

Raincoat display
These are some pictures of the display's I did at work! I've been really loving my new position at Scheel's!  I finally get to put all my creativity to good use!  It is really fun! I get to make displays, dress mannequins and various other things!
Scooter display

 Sometimes we do florals for displays or just to make the store look pretty!

Another bike display.  One of my areas is the bike section so I do a lot within that area.

Another area I have is the youth section.  This is a display I did for a kids shoe table.

Went on a hike with my friend from work, who moved out of state. So Sad!

 Belle's Canyon

Got an amazing shot of the suns rays coming over the mountains.

Tim and I have been loving this vegan cafe downtown called Frisch! They have the best nachos! Everything there is super tasty and so fresh!

We went to the They Might Be Giants concert!  I loved it because no other bands played and we got to hear more songs from TMBG.  They were very funny!

We also went to the All Time Low concert! I was so excited for this one, they are my favorite band!  They put on an awesome show!  We have several other concerts we are going to coming up as well.

My halloween decorations. 

Christmas at Tim's parents house.

Tim and I went to the Online Film Awards.

Me with my press pass for Salt Lake Comic Cons FanX.
We are super excited we got accepted as professionals to the San Diego Comic Con in July, and we are looking forward to that experience!

Tim moderated a muppets panel at Comic Con and some muppets decided to show!

Tim moderated a panel for actors with disabilities in film and RJ Mitte, who was amazing in the TV show Breaking Bad, joined the panel.  

We went to Fantasy Con.

They had some cool props and statues from different movies.

Tim got to hold a snake.

We went to the panel for Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries. 

Tim on another panel at Comic Con FanX.

We got to look like we were inside the Tardis.  (Doctor Who)

Tim and his crew filming for the documentary they are working on right now.

Tim has been going to L.A. and taking classes at The Second City and one at Groundlings.

Tim while he was at X96 for a while.

Tim at the 48 Film Awards at the Directors Guild in Hollywood. His short film "The Decision" was one of the top winners. 

Tim finally found where The Muppets live!

Tim Directing one of the short films, "Beyond the Shadows". I got to do makeup and set photography on this film as well. You can also see my silhouette in the film as one of the stage workers.

Tim recently made the improv team at SLCC. This is Tim and his producing partner with two other members of the improv team in this silly video. 

I've done a couple more photo shoots.  These are several of my favorite shots.
My friend Jenni was super fun to photograph.  She put up with me getting use to a new camera.

You can see more of my work at Vanella Drake Photography's Facebook page
I loved this photo shoot I did with the gorgeous Ellie, my friend from work.  She did a great job modeling, and took the time out of her day off for me to do her makeup and hair for this!

I've been having fun doing stuff for Vanella's Runway, my fashion and makeup blog.
I do outfits of the day on Instagram and Vanella's Runway Facebook page.

Another outfit of the day

 I do different makeup looks and post the step by step, product lists and product reviews on my blog.
This is one of the recent looks I did with a new eyeshadow palette.
You can check it out at

That was really long, but I think I covered mostly everything! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My favorite photos from this past semester

This semester I took two more photography classes and it was so much fun! I learned a lot and my teachers were awesome! I've really fallen in love with photography! I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from this semester.

This was for an assignment where we had to photograph and egg.  I decided to get creative and photograph it after being frozen and then while it was thawing.

I love how this picture has such a story to it.  The lone gum-ball left alone behind all the others never to be noticed except by my lens. 

This was taken up in Park City during Sundance.

Beauty can really be found anywhere. This was taken near our apartments.  I thought the colors of the rocks and the texture they created was very interesting.

This photograph was also taken just behind our apartments where there is construction being done.

These next ones were my final 6 photographs for my final project.