Saturday, June 21, 2014

My favorite photos from this past semester

This semester I took two more photography classes and it was so much fun! I learned a lot and my teachers were awesome! I've really fallen in love with photography! I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from this semester.

This was for an assignment where we had to photograph and egg.  I decided to get creative and photograph it after being frozen and then while it was thawing.

I love how this picture has such a story to it.  The lone gum-ball left alone behind all the others never to be noticed except by my lens. 

This was taken up in Park City during Sundance.

Beauty can really be found anywhere. This was taken near our apartments.  I thought the colors of the rocks and the texture they created was very interesting.

This photograph was also taken just behind our apartments where there is construction being done.

These next ones were my final 6 photographs for my final project.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

work, halloween, and hobbies

Since being back in Utah we both have really missed living in California, but we have been keeping busy and continuing to set goals for ourselves so we can move back out there.

Tim got an awesome opportunity interning with X96 in the mornings.  He helps run the Radio From Hell segment.  He has also got to write and produce a few commercials that air on X96.

Tim and his friend Jordan had their book come out.
Here they are signing copies for the people that pre-ordered it.

Tim has also been working hard in film school and spending time writing and making films.
Here he gets to edit the films he is shooting.

 I worked on Halloween and I just did face makeup for my costume.
I went as a poker face.  
After work Tim and I just watched scary movies and ate some halloween candy.

I'm working two jobs right now.  I'm at Macy's only a couple times a week in the cosmetics department, and then I also work at Scheels part-time.  I really enjoy working at Scheels.

I've been spending a lot of time doing different things with makeup and learning a lot of stuff with photography and photoshop.

This is something I did in my photoshop class. We learned how to restore photos.

I've also been getting more experience with my photography.
I did family pictures for Cassie's family. I thought they turned out really cute.


I've aslo been playing around with film photography along with doing digital.  Although it is very time consuming, the results can be amazing.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Other things

Tim had both of his brothers get married this year.
Taylor and Kelsey's wedding.

Parker and Lorien's wedding

 Tim and I at the Salt Lake Temple for Parker and Lorien's wedding.

We had a going away party and Tim's Mom made us a really awesome cake.

 Tim and Jordan posing with these awesome cakes Jami (Jordan's girlfriend) made.  She made them for their Podcast, My House On The Moon, which has been doing really well.
Tim got to do open mic night at WiseGuys comedy club


We have been having fun here in California since we are planning on moving back to Utah in a few weeks. We have gone to several late night shows.  We went to Jay Leno and got to shake his hand, Conan again, and to Jimmy Kimmel.

This is a screen shot of the show you can see the back of my head and the side of Tim's face! haha!
This was the stage for the band to play at Jimmy Kimmel.
The band playing was Luke Bryan a country singer. Not really our thing but it was still enjoyable.

We went for a day to Universal Studios and got a free season pass which was really cool since we can walk there from our apartment.  It gives us something to do when we don't have anything else to do. 
They have different rides and different shows you can go see.

 This is WaterWorld, a show they had actors doing stunts on jet-skis and boats.
We went on the Simpson's Simulated roller-coaster. It was really fun!
 They had the Simpson characters outside the Kwick-E-Mart for pictures.
We went on the Jurassic park ride which we got really drenched going on.  We also went on the mummy roller-coaster. That was my favorite but it was way too short.  They also had different shows to go see. We saw Shrek 4D, Special effects show, animal actors show, and we took the Universal studios tour.
We got to see the set for Whoville from the movie The Grinch.

We got sprayed by dinosaurs from Jurassic park.

We got to see the cars used in the Flintstones, and Back to the Future.
We got to see the set for the War of the Worlds

And we got attacked by Jaws

We also went to the Jon Lovitz Comedy club to see our friend Jay Whittaker do his stand up.

We got invited to a special premiere screening for members of the academy to watch a movie called Short Term 12. It should be up for academy award consideration this year.
We also visited the Hollywood Hills Cemetery.  There are a lot of beautifully carved statues there. 
This is the Washington Memorial.
Also a nice statue of Lincoln in one of the areas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's been a while

It's been almost a year since the last time I posted anything.  We have been really busy working, going to school and continuing to accomplish our goals.  Christmas snuck up on me so fast this year that it doesn't really feel like the holidays.  Granted working in retail kind of ruins every holiday but I try to make the best of it.  This will be our second christmas in our house.  

For fun we go to Wiseguys comedy club and we got to meet several great comedians the times we went.

 Tim and I with Jay Whittaker one of the comedians before Chris Kattan he was
super funny.
 Tim with Marc Maron
( Jordan, Tim's friend) Chris Kattan, Tim and Me.  Chris Kattan was pretty funny.
 He is a very small man haha.

We have both been working a lot and it has paid off. I got promoted at Dillard's
to the Origins counter manager.  Origins is a makeup line that is all natural and is made without harsh chemicals.   The concept of the brand is: powered by nature, proven by science.
I have really enjoyed using the products and learning about the plants that are used in them.

Me and Marylou, my friend form work. You can see some of my area behind us.

Tim worked at Tilly's for a short amount of time.  He was treated horrible and decided to look for another job.  He got hired on at E-bay which has been really great for him.  They will work with his school schedule and he gets more time off than me for the holidays haha.  The pay is higher and the insurance they offer is amazing.  

This semester I took two really fun classes Calligraphy and a Jewelry making class.  I didn't really like calligraphy because it hurts my hands but I can say my handwriting has definitely gotten better, if I really try.
This is an assignment with Flourished Italic lettering
 This one is with Gothic lettering

I also had a Jewelry class that I loved and found that I'm good at it and I really enjoy.  I just
wish I had the money to buy all the equipment.
I made this one for Tim The Batman logo

This one is a ring we carved the design we wanted out of wax and then shot the metal into the wax you have your design.  I used pink and black crushed stone on the right side.
 This one is probably my favorite piece.  We used tiny saw blades to cut the design out of metal and soldered two plates together to add depth.
This one was made out of silver wire.  I used a black stone for the eye.