Saturday, February 11, 2017

Comic-Con, New York, and Portland and more..

2016 was definitely a crazy year.  A lot has happened over the last year, and the last time I posted was in April, so there is a lot to cover.  Hopefully I won't miss or repeat anything I've already posted about.  

In July 2016 we went back down to San Diego Comic-Con.  Tim was invited back to do another live episode of his Podcast.   He had two guests on his show.  Rob Kutner ( writer for Conan and The Daily Show) And David J. Peterson who has created languages for shows such as Game of Thrones, The 100, Doctor Strange, and Thor.
Tim, David, Rob, Austin before the live podcast

In preparation for San Diego Comic-Con, Tim was also asked if he would interview Director Teddy Cecil on the show. Teddy had a new film that was premiering at San Diego Comic-Con and met up with Tim and Austin at the Hilton before preview night. 

Austin, Teddy, and Tim after the interview

This time around we were lucky enough to get into two tapings of Conan.  He had the cast of Suicide Squad one night and the cast of Game of Thrones the next night!

In front of the Sprekels Theater

(Cast of Suicide Squad)

When Suicide squad came out I did a Harley Quinn makeup look for my Instagram.

(Cast of Game of Thrones) My very Favorite TV show!!!

A lot of Comic-Con involves waiting for another panel or event to start. Luckily it's in San Diego so there are a lot of amazing views to take in.

On the dock at Comic-Con

I had to get a picture with a White Walker from Game of Thrones! 

We both love the animated series Bob's Burgers and this year Toddland Toys made a special booth with some cool merchandise! We pre-ordered stuff but we still had to wait in a long line. They didn't realize it was going to be such a hit!

Nerdist always has a big area across from the convention center at Petco Park with different attractions and panels as well. This year's theme was Camp Conival

Our official camp picture

Tim at the Nerdist entrance

The cast of Fear the Walking Dead at Conival

Also, across from the convention center there was a display for the 20th anniversary of South Park.  It was a bunch of photo-ops.

Following Comic-Con, Tim was invited to walk with Equality Utah in the Utah Pride Parade. We were both able to be a part of the parade and it was really an incredible experience. 

We also went to a few concerts this year, including: Blink-182, Weezer, Panic at the Disco, All Time Low, Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness, and so many others. 

Waiting for Weezer to start

In October we went to New York.  I have never been before so it was pretty awesome to explore the city!
We took a red eye flight into New York so we could get there early and start site seeing.  I can't sleep on planes so I was awake for 36 hours, but we made it!

Night time in Times Square!

We love all of the late night comedy shows from NBC, so Tim made sure that we went on the NBC Studios tour. We were able to see the studio and stage for Saturday Night Live, as well as Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

Some of the cool attractions inside NBC

We took a boat out to see the Statue of Liberty!  The ocean breeze was so wonderful! 

It was a pretty amazing view! 

We went to the top of the Empire State Building!

We also went through the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

At the 9/11 Memorial reflection pools

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Bull of Wall Street.  It was so busy that we didn't bother waiting to get a picture in the front of it.

We walked to Wall St in the pouring rain but we got to see a lot of the city just walking everywhere. Our hotel was all the way up at the bottom of Central Park, but walking took us to the bottom of Manhattan at Battery Park. It was really cool to be able to see so much of Manhattan

While walking around the Financial District, we came across a lot of incredible historical landmarks that we didn't have planned, but we were thrilled to see. 

This spot is where George Washington was sworn in as the first President. 

Inside the incredible Trinity Church. This church has been around since the late 1600's!

In front of the New York Stock Exchange

Since Tim was a kid he has always wanted to see the actual Ghostbusters Forestation. We were able to find it while we were walking through lower Manhattan. It was under renovation at the moment, but it was still really cool to see. They have two big Ghostbusters murals on the sidewalk in front of the station. 

We always manage to go see a Late Night show while we're in LA, so we had to do it while we were in NYC as well. We had tickets for Colbert, but due to a mixup, we weren't able to attend. We were pretty bummed about it, but there is always this year!

In front of the Ed Sullivan Theater for The Late Show with Stephen Colber

In front of the legendary Carnegie Deli. We were sad to see this landmark close it's doors forever Dec. 30th. 

We had to go see the Natural History Museum as well. It took us three hours to go through the museum and there were a few areas that were a little too crowded to get in and see. It was a pretty cool place to check out. 

We walked through Central Park and couldn't believe how green everything was. 

The color of the leaves changing was so beautiful!

We had to go to the "Seinfeld" restaurant and ironically found some black and white cookie to go a long with it!
"Look to the cookie, Elaine!"

I took some pretty cool photographs while we were in New York.
This was the view from our Hotel.

Photograph of the Empire State Building.

It was amazing to see all the skyscrapers and different architecture catching the light and producing amazing colors and shadows; creating their own work of art.

Brooklyn Bridge

New York Skyline

Radio City Music Hall

We came home from New York and then two days later we flew to Portland for a Maroon 5 concert.  I had tickets for the Maroon 5 concert in Salt Lake that I had received from work but Tim booked our New York trip during that time so I couldn't go.  I've really wanted to see Maroon 5 live for a long time. Tim felt bad so he bought tickets for the show in Portland and I was able to travel to another place I haven't been!

We stayed at the McMenamin's Crystal Hotel!  It is a very eccentric place.  Each room is based off of a song.

The hallways were dark and creepy. 

This was our room we stayed in.  The song our room is based off of is: Night of the Lotus Eaters.

Tim loves going to Portland and how several places he wanted to make sure to show me since we were only in town for the day. 

Our first stop was the Excalibur Comics.  I picked up a Game of Thrones comic and Tim got some Tim Drake (Robin) comics!

Right up the street from Excalibur was a record store Tim had to stop at called Crossroads Records. It was a pretty cool shop to check out. Tim always stops at vintage record stores to see what vintage comedy albums he can find. 

After comics and music, we went over to the famed VooDoo Donuts and the Keep Portland Weird Mural

We both love reading a lot so we had to check out Powell's Books.

This place was so big you needed a map!

Section with Alice in Wonderland books!

That night at the Maroon 5 concert!

For the last two years we've made gingerbread houses over at Tim's parents house.  Instead of doing the normal, boring gingerbread house we like to be creative and make something based off of our favorite movies and shows.  Last year we made the Tardis from Doctor Who.  This year we decided to create the restaurant and home from Bob's Burgers.  One of our favorite animated series!

We also learned how to make caramel apples from Ludi, who is a family friend of the Drakes.  Mine is on the left and Tim's is the disastrous clump on the right.

I decided to get festive this year and put up garland around my kitchen cabinets and I got an extra little tree to decorate.

The theme was Alice in Wonderland!

Star Wars and Taget teamed up with Unicef for the holidays and made a some speciality shirts that donated funds to Unicef. We made sure to pick up a few of these styles. 

Christmas morning! The cats really enjoyed opening their presents!

I love creating makeup looks and getting creative with them.  I share them on Instagram.  It is nice to have an outlet where I can share my work and get positive support from people I don't even know.  These are my favorite looks I created.

Mod look

Bold eyes and soft cheeks and lips

Green and Gold and flashy lashes

Modern Cleopatra

I've been lucky enough to start doing photo shoots for Scheels! It is giving me great experience and more confidence with my photography.  

Photo shoot featuring women's fashion

Photo shoot featuring Hunter boots

Photo shoot featuring Northside boots

Photo shoot featuring our selection of beanies

Photo shoot featuring Sorel boots

Photo shoot featuring Kuhl clothing

Photo shoot featuring dog collars/leashes/accessories

Our family lost a wonderful women in October.  My Brother's wife passed away from complications after giving birth to their twin boys.  I think about her every day and can only wish that I had spent more time with her. I always enjoyed and had fun the times we did spend together with family. 

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to take maternity photos for her and get some sweet photos of my brother and her together.  Cassie wasn't sure if she wanted to get photos or not and I told her she would regret it if she didn't.  This photo is so stunning of her! She is so radiant, beautiful and happy!


She was so happy and excited for these boys! I am so glad she was able see and hold them. 
If you would like to view her slideshow click HERE

The boys