Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Dad's Slideshow

This is the slide show I made for my Dad's funeral, if any of you are interested in watching it.  There is music so turn your volume up.


Thank you to Alice Lindstrom (my Sister) for helping me scan a bunch of photo's into the computer.

Software used: Adobe Premier 

Song:  See You on the Other Side 
By: Shaun Canon

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Other things 2015

Here is an update of the things we've been up to for the last several months or more.

I really enjoyed this summer!  With my new work schedule it is nice being off work early and never having to work weekends, so I got to enjoy the pool at our apartments!

I started to get some color in my legs but with the pool being closed and fall approaching they will lose their color quickly! 

 We went to the Fall Out Boy concert! One of my many favorite bands!

I did some makeup for Austin Grant, Tim's friend who is an actor. He was getting some different photos taken to have for his portfolio.  He wanted fight makeup, so I did some cuts, bruising, dirt and sweat.

Tim got his Podcast booked at 50 West club downtown Salt Lake, to do a live episode of his podcast. He had posters and even a big billboard advertising him and his podcast haha!

He had another podcast Hello Sweetie on the show!

Scheels did a fashion show! I got to model two outfits!  It was really fun!

Scheels also did a Day of Caring for United way and a bunch of us from Scheels went and helped out.
The Display Team!  We have fun!

Painting the walls at the Discovery Gateway Museum for children.

A bunch of us from Scheels at the morning breakfast Untied Way put together for us!

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Last month, September, we went to Salt Lake Comic Con

They had the Tardis from Doctor Who (another one of the many shows we love) outside of the Salt Palace for Salt Lake Comic Con.  So of course we had to get our picture taken in side it!

Tim was on several different panels.

(Disabilities in pop Culture panel)

(Muppets Panel)

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel)

(SNL Panel)

(Supernatural Panel)

There were a few really great Cos-player's this year!
Cool Jurassic World costume.

Cosplay from the movie Mad Max.

This family was so cute!  (The Adams Family)

They had some cool stuff to see walking around the floor
 This display for the Nightmare on 13th Haunted attraction.

 We saw some people make this Walker from Star Wars out of balloons.

Tim got to walk right up and meet Anthony Daniels who played C3PO in Star Wars.

We went to some other panels while at Salt Lake Comic Con.  Panel for: Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead.

Panel for: Ian Somerhalder From Vampire Diaries 

And Panel for: Felicia Day From Supernatural.  They are all in a lot of different movies and shows but I just listed the shows I best know them for.

They had a really cool display in front of the Funko booth that makes the really cool POP figures!

 Tim likes the show Agents of Shield and the ABC 4 booth was making badges for everyone that stopped by.  It was pretty cool!

This was pretty much the only thing we got free from Salt Lake Comic Con, definitely no where near what we got from San Diego Comic Con.  Salt Lake Comic Con needs to step up their game! It was still fun, but not no where near as cool as San Diego's Comic Con.

San Diego Comic Con 2015

We went to San Diego Comic Con in July, and we had a lot of fun!

 They had a lot of cool figures and replica's of movie characters and it was really fun to see everything they had.


 (ANTMAN Statue)

They had a bunch of really awesome LEGO displays! This one was probably my favorite!!
(Jurassic World)

We went to a lot of different panels and got to see our favorite actors/actresses talk about the shows we love. We got to see them be themselves which is always fun! We also got to see a lot of sneak previews and upcoming shows.

(Brian Cranston) Panel Supermansions.  Haven't seen this cartoon but I'm interested to watch it now.  Brian Cranston was hilarious!

(Eliza Taylor)  She is in, The 100 which I really enjoyed watching!

Panel for: TV Guide Show.
(Norman Reedus, from The Walking Dead)
(Maisie Williams, from Game of Thrones)
Two Great TV shows.  I think I binge watched 5 seasons of Games of Thrones in like two months! Thats how hooked I got on that show.  I can't wait for season 6 to start!

 Panel for: Drunk History, which is another one of our favorite shows.

Panel for: The Simpsons.  Matt Groening and Nancy Cartwright.  We got to hear Nancy do the voices for all the characters she does on the Simpsons.

 Panel for: Family Guy.  Seth MacFarlane reading scripts from the show.

Panel for: Another Period.  This show hadn't aired yet, so we got to see a sneak peak of one of the episodes.  It was hilarious, and we now watch this one on Hulu. 

 Tim next to the Terminator statue.

Me next to the Nintendo booth!  Can't resist that mustache! haha! 

Next to The Walking Dead van.

Another cool Display for Lego

 We ran into John Borrowman while walking around and he was nice enough to take a picture with Tim.

We also went to The Meltdown Comedy club while we were in San Diego.  We got to see a lot of great comics.  (Pete Holmes, Thomas Middleditch, Natasha Leggero, Mike lawrence, and special guest Steve Yeun from The Walking Dead)

Before the show they were passing around cardboard cutouts of a couple of the comedians hosting the show and Tim and Austin decided to make them their prom dates.  Everyone in line thought it was super funny!

Tim got to do a live episode of his podcast, On the Mic, at San Diego Comic Con.

We got picked to go to Conan Bingo that was happening during San Diego Comic Con.  We didn't win anything but it was still fun and we actually did get swag bags at the end!

This was our take away from San Diego Comic Con!   A lot of the booths were giving out free stuff and different stuff everyday and even every couple hours they would have new stuff to give.  If we had time to continually go through the lines we could have got other cool stuff but thats okay we enjoyed everything we did!