Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wondercon in L.A. and a lot of other things.

The last few months have been really busy, but a lot of fun! Here is a little of what we have been up to. 

We submitted for professional badges for Wondercon & San Deigo Comic-Con in October of 2014 and we were approved for both! We attended San Diego Comic-Con last summer, but this was our first time attending WonderCon.  We were approved as industry professionals for my set photography and makeup artistry on films, and Tim for his podcast and filmmaking. 

We finally made it out to Wondercon this year in March!
Outside the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Inside the Convention Center.

They had a bunch of giant figures from our favorite comics and movies!
(Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy)

The Hulk!

(Han Solo in Carbonite, Star Wars)

I saw the Nintendo and Capcom booth's and I had to check out the games!  The lines for the Starfox Zero game (which I really wanted to play) were too long.  

I did get to play Resident Evil 6 on the PS4, which was really fun!  

We went to a few panels as we arrived at WonderCon. The first panel we went to was for Bob's Burgers! This is some of the cast that does the voices for Bob's Burgers, which is one of my favorite animated tv series right now!
(Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal, Jon Roberts, and Larry Murphy)

This is some of the cast for The 100, another tv series that I really like right now!
( Writer Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Devon Bostick, Christopher Larkin, and Richard Harmon.)

We also went to The Nerdist Panel. Tim loves Nerdist and has worked with a handful of their comedians and podcasters for his podcast.

Tim and Chris Hardwick; Founder and Creator of Nerdist, comedian, and Host of @midnight & The Talking Dead

Tim and The Bat Commander from The Aquabats. It was fun running into them in LA after working with them through X96 a few times. 

We took a break from WonderCon to visit some of the other parts of LA and Hollywood and to see where Tim has been going to school and working when he is spending time in LA. 

Visiting The Second City in Hollywood where Tim has been going to school. Tim has absolutely loved his time studying with Second City for the last year and a half and is sad to finish this summer. 

Stopping by UCB. They have allowed Tim to record a few podcast episodes here while he's in LA and it's one of the best improv/sketch comedy venues. 

One of the mornings we got up extra early to hike to the Hollywood sign and get some exercise.
On our walk to the start of the trail, we ran into this cool piece of Hollywood history. This was the original gate from 1923 that welcomed people to Hollywoodland. 

We decided to check out The Museum of Death. Tim had stopped there a few months ago and knew that I would like it.  It was a really cool Museum, but by the end, you definitely felt paranoid and weird.  It had different themed rooms and there were actual pictures from fairly brutal crime scenes. They had artwork from serial killers, which was really eerie.  In the last room, they had a tv playing video's people captured of people dying.  It's definitely not for the squeamish. 

Tim also took me over to his favorite comic book shop in LA, Meltdown Comics. Nerdist actually runs a small comedy venue out of the back of the store called Nerdmelt. We saw one of our favorite comedians, Jimmy Pardo, as well another one of Tim's favorites that we both have never seen perform, Todd Glass. 

WonderCon was a lot of fun, and we can't wait to head back to San Diego in July for San Diego Comic-Con! 

Before leaving to LA for Wondercon, we had to stop at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX press conference for Tim's podcast. 

Some of the Salt Lake Comic Con guests at the press conference: Mitch Pileggi (Supernatural, X-Files) Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davidson (Both Doctor's on Doctor Who) and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin!

Tim and the other few members of the press interviewing Buzz Aldrin! 

Tim has also been getting a handful of acting roles over the last few months. He recently has a small role in a film for a prominent cable channel, but due to his non-disclosure agreement, he can't say anything about it yet. He was able to work with an Oscar-winning Director on the film and one of his comedy heroes! 

Tim was also brought in to work on a new web series called, 'You Again'. The show will be premiering this Summer! Tim is one of their collaborating writers and was also given a small role in one of the episodes. He was going to Direct an episode as well, but due to his schedule had to drop that episode. He does, however, plan to Direct a few of episodes if they end up with a second season. 

Tim with the other writers and producers of  'You Again' reading through the scripts for the episodes in Season 1. 

Tim as a hipster in one of the episodes of 'You Again'

He is also about to film a role in another film later this month, but he can't say too much about that film just yet. 

I've been doing a lot of fun stuff at work and I am really enjoying what I do.  
One of the things I've been working on is re-doing the Women's college shop at Scheels.  They want to make it more of a boutique style shop so I've been doing a lot of thrift shopping looking for furniture and refinishing it.  This is just one of pieces I've finished.  I'm super excited to see the whole shop come together.

This is a piece I did for a mannequin to sit on.

Along with that, I have my day to day things like changing mannequins and putting outfits together.  It is always fun to put outfits together.  The college shop is one of my areas and I love mixing fashion with the college apparel.  I don't like the chevron print cubes but it will soon change once I'm finished with the whole shop makeover.

Some of my newer artwork
Colored pencil

colored pencil

Pen and ink and colored pencil

Mixed media

Photography (Spiderweb)

I really love posting on Instagram and sharing my fashion and makeup photos. It's a great outlet to share my talents and my vision for design and putting looks together.  I've been getting a lot of positive responses from it.
These are some of my top  fashion posts.

Here are some of my top makeup posts.
This makeup look I created when Pantone released the spring colors.  Serenity and Rose Quartz. 

I like to do a lot of creative shots with new products I'm trying.  It gives it a better appeal on Instagram.  This one was for the Red Carpet Ready Manicure gel nails 1 step polish.

This one I was posting about a new eyeliner I was testing out that I absolutely fell in love with.

I get a lot of inspiration from things around me and I loved this look I saw in a magazine and wanted to re-create it.

This is a new product I tried. Plus I added a little bit of fashion to it.

Tim has continued to have tweets/jokes featured on Late Night TV shows. So far, Tim has had tweets featured on Larry King, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Tim has had a least one tweet selected every week this year from The Tonight Show! Here are a few of them on TV:

Tim's tweet/joke on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central

Here are some of the recent tweets/jokes featured on The Tonight Show website

Some of the tweets have even gained some press! Here is his most recent one featured on the website Distractify that was even shared by George Takei! 

While Tim has been back and forth to LA, he's had some other really cool experiences. Here's a few while he was out there during the Oscars.

Tim at Conan as part of the pre-show comedy opening, where he ended up dancing for the audience

Tim being interviewed on KTLA in Hollywood about the Oscars and diversity

For those of you who follow us on Social Media you have probably already seen most of this, but we went into a little bit more detail on here so hopefully you still enjoyed the update!